theme party for adults

gangster party theme

this party theme we have the most famous party theme which is gangster theme party. we all play a gangster character in party like gabbar singh from sholay movie  and party dress code is all black and add  loud music  and tasty food and  decoration is a also full gangster and play lot’s of games like 

  • Mafia Board Game Cards
  • dinner with the mafia
  • Ice breaker Ideas

90s party theme

 this is a most popular theme which is 90′ s Bollywood theme.. according to this party theme. Dress code is all baised on old Bollywood movie character. And old music ,Food was very tasty.. u can perform in all old Bollywood songs . Decoration is based on old themes. You play lot’s of game like 

  • 90 s dance off
  • guess the song
  • dance party, 90s
  • 90 s movie match up game
  • slang quiz

christmas theme party

You can chose dress code for Christmas party theme is all Red.  you can organize your party game in which you can keep three winners and you can keep different gifts for three on window and you  keep delicious food in your party. Christmas party games ideas 

  • Christmas find out who
  • Christmas charades
  • Truth and a lie
  • Christmas gift exchange 
  • Hunt game

halloween theme party

In this Halloween party your theme is Hollywood, you have to dress up like Hollywood character. Or the one whose dress up looks good and attractive will be given a price. Halloween theme party game ideas

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Eyeball Spoon Relay Race
  • Guess How Many Eyeballs
  • Halloween Pinata Game
  • Apple Bobbing

bollywood party theme

In Bollywood theme party you can play different types of characters and according to your character you can also give performance, in this you can have loud music and you can include ramp walk and food will also be based on Bollywood theme. There will be a separate team of ladies and gents with whom you can play their game also.

  • Bollywood Dialogues
  • musical quiz
  • Bollywood movie tambola
  • guess the celebrity name